This is our little Podcast about... well about nothing in particular. Just Ken and my point of view... our likes, dislikes, things that shock us, things that disgust us... and things that just turn us on.

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EP:04 - #WHICHTEAM - We talk about recent films in the theatre, I tear apart Batman vs Superman. Ken brings up Jan DeBont and the 90's greats. Affleck as a Director, the new Pirates of the Caribbean, our parody film ideas, and DC vs Marvel. We mention the possible Quiver sequel, #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan and much more!


EP:03 - SPY VS SPY - We talk about Spy, I purposely don't cut when I leave, back to what defines "our" spy. Ken is anal and points out the ignorance of this episode, back to how we figure out our spy name. Spy vs Spy, kicking in doors, babies, Quiver updates & my sickness.


EP:02 - THE FORCE SLUMBERS - Quiver updates and delays, The Force Awakens and our feelings on it, and our top 10 for 2015.

EP:01 - A SECOND WIND - We talk Marvel and WftPotA. 30 is over the hill and Back to the Future is now. Films we enjoyed and want to see. Johnny Depp to Ben Foster and Quiver updates and issues to ring avulsion. We go over everything!

Ep 18: SUMMER SPECIAL (Part 2)

Welcome to the Summer Special Part 2: Quiver update and future projects. Quiver SFX, the mom and dad situation, and the final scene fiasco. Our memories of the shoot, the bad, the good and the great. Our future ambitions and the future of Sfedcast. Dancing and the "holoCAST". Ken's disappointed in my lack of 80's films viewed. Our first R films and favourite WWE to film stars and who we would like for a new Resident Evil Series.

Ep 17: SUMMER SPECIAL (Part 1)

Welcome to the Summer Special Part 1: We chat about remakes and comic films leading into our Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic World opinions. Ken's texting pet peeves to customer service to Digital vs Physical and back. Ken's forum postings to his ninja style to my marathon. My Gone Girl opinion back to Jurassic World's box office success.

Ep 16: The End of the Beginning

Trevor and Ken argue over what time Sfedcast should have started, great Jimmy Fallon youtube vids, Chris Nolan's mindfuck films, tv shows we can't get into, Blue Is the Warmest Color, X-Men: DoFP, Brett Ratner, time management and more.

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Ep 15:Sfedcast Spoilers

Breaking Bad spoilers, Showtime's 4th Season Slump, HIMYM spoilers, spinoffs, Walking Dead Spoilers, top 5 TV shows, Godzilla Spoilers.

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Ep 14:Episode 14

Conan late at night, Neighbors, spoiling Breaking Bad and Bryan Cranston, Ken's German fans, random hair, Affleck as Batman, terrible casting choices, Dax Sheppard's Expendables critique, my constipation and Ken's talents.

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Ep 13:Episode 13

Favourite soundtracks, allegedly sneaking into the theatre, carding people and having ID, unhappy fans with Quiver delays, writing scripts, Quiver insight and updates, new biking mix and singing My Dick aloud, house hunting, Ken's new situation, the unknown, and JLC's dickpunch.

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Ep 12:Episode 12

Nick Zurko screwed me in two ways (neither are dirty unfortunately), hilarious film company names, Ken rants about Thunder Bay, Eli Roth and Hostel, technology and it's side effects, minimum wage and taxes included, Place Beyond the Pines and spoilers, Dane Dehaan and Spiderman 2, and ass or crotch.

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Ep 11: Lucky 11

Discount at the drug store & the hangover after, MGS V & Keifer vs David, games work in 3's, set work, playing the game, EB Games & my resignation, cutting off Ken to tell a story of a fight & other customers, Ken's work & re-writes, the art of short films & trailers, the pyramid of work, expense of living & the bums of Vancouver.

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Ep 10: Double Digits

Trevor predicts Ken's abysmal future, Murderball Doc talk, BB and FS stupid trade deal and Lisa being a champ, Battlefield 4, Iron Man 3 to Marvel Films to Ghosts vs Gravity, Kon-Tiki, found a diamond in the rough, The Beach Novel vs Film, Adriennes obsession with breaking books & the glory of JJ Abrams & Lost.

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Ep 9: Episode 9

My terrible Arny impersonation, Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 of 2013, Ken doesn't watch Breaking Bad so we talk about Beyond Two Souls, PS4/XBONE launch, the way games have changed, milked out franchises, Ken goes solo for 1 min 10 sec and talks dirty about me, & my food poisoning incident on quiver.

Ep 8: Sfedcasts Back, Tell a Friend!

New York, Gratuity required, moving away, Zelda and shitty service, Gravity, and games that are delayed, games we want to play and games we don't have time to play.

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Ep 7: The Day The Sfedcast Stood Still

Ken's wedding, speeches, Eugene Levy's eyebrows, baby talk, the pipeline, James' artwork and pro bono work.

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Ep 6: Father of the Sfedcast

No swearing around Ken's mom, fuck, she knows, the way EB is changing, dictionary words added, more Riddick talk, Base-ketball memories, 90's movies, the wedding, finger blasting, how much piss to flood a hotel room and the chicks checking out my package in the urinals.

Father of the Sfedcast

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Ep 5: Sfedcast Vol 2

Our recent addictions, legalizing prostitution, belief in GOD, Miley Cyrus Twerking, Lethal Weapon, Shyamalan's films and Riddick.


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Ep 4: Sfedcast Vol 1

Wedding music, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Elysium and District 9, trailers and the music, Danny Boyle films, meeting Nathan Fillion, David Hayter and MGSV5, & Ken and Trevor's origins.


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Ep 3: Big Mac & Geese

Two David Wu's, Toronto Fan Expo with Expedia and a Limo Driver, hating the sound of your own voice, crying during movies, and the unavoidable geese.

Big Mac and Geese

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Ep 2: Savage SFEDcast

Two David Wu's, Toronto Fan Expo with Expedia and a Limo Driver, hating the sound of your own voice, crying during movies, and the unavoidable geese.Ken's going to Fan Expo, Trevor's going fishing, Beasts of the Southern Wild, and the horror of Quiver is what its about.

02-Savage Sfedcast

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Ep 1: SFEDcast Begins

Trevor and Ken talk about a soccer match, the Boston Marathon Bombing, upcoming films, and Quiver.

01-Sfedcast Begins